Frequently asked questions about spa stays

Below, you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find the answer to your question about your stay on Hotel Kong Arthur, please contact our booking team at kongarthur@arthurhotels.dk. If you need information about Ni’mat Spa, please contact the spa directly at nimat@nimat.dk.

What are the spa rituals?

When you visit Ni’mat Spa, you get to put together your spa experience by choosing between 5 spa rituals. The rituals include sauna aromatherapy, the water temple, warm body wrap, face ritual and foot ritual. You can read more about each ritual on the top of this page. If you haven’t chosen your rituals through your online booking, the hostess will help you choose when you arrive.

How do I choose a treatment and a therapist?

You can either visit our website www.nimat.dk where you can book online, and read about all our treatments. If you want a specific treatment, write it in the comments box before accepting the booking. You can also buy a Spa Treat voucher for 1½ hour’s treatment. Then the time sloth is pre-booked, and a therapist will help you to choose the best treatment. You are welcome to call us at +45 33158955. We will help you to find the right treatment.

Do I get free entrance to the spa area when I book a spa room?

If you are staying in a spa room at Hotel Kong Arthur, you get about an hour of free access to the water temple per night which includes the aroma steam area, the sauna, and the warm hot tub. On the day of your arrival, you will have access to the water temple from 5.00 pm. If you are staying in a spa room for multiple nights, you can book the rest of your entries in the spa after your first visit in the water temple. Remember to bring the Buddha key to the spa when entering, so the spa staff will know that you are staying in a spa room and don’t have to pay to access the water temple.

What should I wear in the spa area?

You must wear swimwear as it is not allowed to be naked.

How do I prepare for the spa?

You need to put on your swimwear as well as a  bathrobe and a pair of slippers in your room before arriving to the spa. If you are staying in a spa room or a suite, you will find a bathrobe and slippers in your room. If you are staying in another room type, you will need to pick up a bathrobe and a pair of slippers in the spa. You will find them by the entrance to the spa. If you are having trouble finding them, please ask one of the hostesses in the spa and they will be happy to guide you.

What should I bring to the massage treatment?

You can wear your underwear or get a pair of disposable shorts. You can change in the massage room.

What kind of food and drinks do the spa offer and is there something to choose from?

As a spa guest you can drink mineral water, sparkling water, and ginger tea – it’s free of charge. If you want something else, you can choose between snacks and drinks on the menu. Please ask the hostesses for more information.

What can I buy to add something extra for my spa experience?

If you need anything during your stay at Ni’mat Spa, such as body scrub, skin lotion, snacks, smoothies, or other refreshments like champagne or prosecco, you can buy them at the front desk of the spa. Of course, this is also where you can buy another treatment or ritual.

Should I visit the water temple before or after the treatment?

If you arrive to your treatment well in advance, you can get to enjoy the water temple before the treatment begins. This will set a relaxed setting for your stay, and you will be ready to receive a treatment.

Can I eat before I visit the spa or get a treatment?

It depends on how big a meal you have been eaten and when. Perhaps it’s not too comfortable to get a full-bodied treatment if you have been eating a main meal right before. If you visit the water temple it doesn’t matter if you have eaten.

Can I get massage if I’m pregnant?

Yes, but it is important that you inform the staff about how far along in your pregnancy you are. The therapist will adjust the treatment according to your needs.

What happens after the end of a treatment?

When you return to the reception, you will be offered fresh fruit, tea or a glass of water while filling out a short evaluation paper.