Fire unge mennesker drikker et glas vin.
Dobbelt standard værelse på Hotel Kong Arthur.
Svanebåd på søerne i København tæt på Hotel Kong Arthur.
To fyre spiser morgenmad på Hotel Kong Arthur.

Summery charm in Copenhagen

Let your summer vacation begin with a warm welcome from our accommodating hosts, who ensure that you will feel at home. Our rooms are elegantly furnished, guaranteeing a pleasant and relaxing experience, and our breakfast is both sustainable and delicious, so you can venture out into the city with a good feeling in your body, ready for whatever the day brings.

Choose for yourself whether the day calls for relaxation in the room, or if you simply want to drop your bag and explore the many treasures that Copenhagen has to offer. Hotel Kong Arthur is a short walk from Nørreport Station, allowing you to quickly reach the city’s iconic sights, such as the famous Nyhavn and the majestic Amalienborg Palace. You can also rent a bike from us and enjoy a bike ride along the picturesque canals or explore the city’s exciting shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Copenhagen offers a variety of activities to choose from in the summer, but we have also made room for a range of summer activities at the hotel. Every day from 5 to 6 pm, we offer a glass of wine or a beer in the lobby. And in July and August, you can sign up for activities such as morning yoga or guided local tours. You can also experience the summer atmosphere at our weekly music events in the courtyard. Ask the hosts in the lobby for more information.

If you prefer more relaxing activities in the summer heat, you can visit our spa, which, in addition to a lovely spa area with a jacuzzi, also offers spa treatments and massages. The skilled spa staff at Ni’mat are ready to provide you with an unforgettable wellness experience. You can read more about the spa facilities here.

We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable summer stay at Hotel Kong Arthur.

Copenhagen’s popular attractions
We can take care of your accommodation and breakfast in Copenhagen, but if you want to experience the city’s attractions and atmospheric streets, you will have to find the good deals yourself.

We recommend buying a Copenhagen Card, which provides free admission to almost all attractions in the metropolitan area and free public transport. There are plenty of good experiences and experiences for couples to choose from, and the website, in addition to offering discounts on admission, also provides a good overview of the attractions in the city. You can buy the card in the lobby or online here. It is also possible to download an app, which can be displayed as a ticket.

Restaurants near the hotel:
After a long day of experiences, it is nice to have a nice sit-down dinner. We have three restaurants associated with our hotels, which offer dishes for both children and adults. The Italian restaurant La Rocca, the tapas restaurant Pintxos and the sushi restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi. Read more about the food on and near the hotel here.

You can reserve a table directly on their websites or ask for help to make a reservation in the lobby where our friendly staff will help you book a table. Please keep in mind, that we cannot guarantee a reservation on your preferred date, so please order well in advance.

Prices vary from day to day and season to season. Find the actual price when booking.

Prices include taxes and fees, but not certain international credit card’s fees on foreign transactions.

  • Stay in the city center in a room of your choice.
  • We recommend adding our new Nordic breakfast made of organic and local ingredients to your booking.
  • Cozy Hour – we offer all of our guests a glass of wine or a beer in the lobby between 5.00-6.00 pm.

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