Privacy policy

Arthur Hotels A/S, Hotel Kong Arthur A/S and Ibsens Hotel A/S (hereinafter referred to as Arthur Hotels) are the joint data controller for the processing of personal data. Arthur Hotels’ overall goal is to maintain the highest level of security for our guests and customers – this also applies to the protection of personal data.

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Collection and processing of your personal information

Arthur Hotels collects and processes your personal information to the extent permitted by law. Collection and processing can take place when making a reservation, requesting the purchase of one of our services, when a person is acting on your behalf etc. Arthur Hotels uses different methods of collecting personal information, such as cookies, customer surveys, and your newsletters and social media subscriptions.

As a safety-friendly measure for employees and guests, Arthur Hotels has installed video surveillance at the entrance areas, guest and employee areas in the receptions, in the bar and lounge, in the courtyards and in the parking lot.
All video surveillance will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

We have divided our activities regarding Personal Data Policies into topics for the purpose of treatment.

Bookings of a hotel room or a conference room

If you book a hotel room or a conference room with us, we process your personal information for the purpose of delivering, handling, managing, follow-up and receiving payment for your reservation.

The personal data we treat are:

  • Identity-related data such as name, email address, phone number, address, license plate, IP address (if you order on our website).
  • Guest registration information required by law. e.g. passport information (registered on arrival)
  • Payment information if you book via, Global Distribution System (GDS), email or phone.
  • Inquiries and other requests if necessary.
  • Arthur Hotels may receive information about allergies and disabilities from our guests and to the extent necessary to accommodate their wishes, we treat such information.

Legal basis for processing personal data follows Article 6 of the Data Protection Regulation Article 6, 1, Point (b) and (c), and Article 9, 2 Point (e).

Personal data collected when booking a hotel room or conference room is stored for up to 6 years after your stay. This is necessary to comply with the bookkeeping legislation as well as the law of registration of guests.

Personal data are not disclosed as a rule, but Arthur Hotels may be required to disclose personal information, in accordance with the law or by decision of public authority.

Use of website

On our website you will find information about our hotels, conference facilities and more. When using our website, we collect your personal information for the purpose of optimizing our website as well as collecting knowledge and statistics about the visitor’s use of the page. The analysis is anonymized and performed in an aggregated form. The information from the analysis can never be linked to a particular person.

The personal data we treat are:

  • Type of browser, search terms, network locations, newsletter notifications.
  • Legal basis for processing personal data follows Article 6, 1 Point (a) and Point (f) of the Data Protection Regulation.
  • Personal data collected in connection with the use of the website is retained until it is no longer relevant.
  • Personal information is not disclosed to third party.

You can sign up for our newsletter via our website, when entering into a company agreement, or in connection with your stay at our hotels. When you sign up for our newsletter, we register your personal information for the purpose of sending you news about Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel or to invite you to special events. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters or invitations from us, please contact us. See the contact details below or unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.

The personal data we treat are:

  • Name and e-mail address.
  • Legal basis for processing personal data follows Article 6, 1 of the Data Protection Regulation, Point (a).
  • Personal information collected in the context of newsletters is kept personal until you unsubscribe the newsletter.
  • Personal information is not disclosed to third party.

When you apply for a position in Arthur Hotels, we will handle your information in order to communicate with you during the recruitment process and to assess whether we can offer you employment. Typically, this will be general personal information, such as name, address, telephone number, email, and possibly information about education and past employment. Applications from candidates who are not offered employment are kept for a maximum of 6 months after the rejection unless otherwise agreed.

If you are employed by Arthur Hotels, your information will be stored in accordance with our employee privacy policy.


Arthur Hotels has adopted technical and organizational measures to ensure our processing of personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, and unauthorized disclosure or disclosure. This means, among other things, that both physical and technical measures have been implemented, for example. in the form of access control, video surveillance, passwords and encryption as well as continuous backup of data.

Arthur Hotels’ employees are instructed in how to process personal information, and internal guidelines have been adopted for what to do in case of personal data breach.

Your rights:

The Personal Data Regulation gives you several rights:

  • You are entitled to understand what personal information Arthur Hotels treats about you (Right of Access, GDPR).
  • You are entitled to have incorrect information about yourself corrected (Correction).
  • You have the right to have deleted the personal information, Arthur Hotels has registered about you. If you wish to delete your personal information, all information that we are not required by law to save, will be deleted (The right to be forgotten).
  • You may, in certain cases, have the right to restrict the processing of your personal information. If you are entitled to limited treatment, we will only be able to process the information – except for storage – with your consent or for the purpose of determining, enforcing, or defending legal claims or protecting a person or important social interests (Right to restriction of processing).
  • In some cases, you may object to our otherwise legitimate processing of your personal information (Objection rights).
  • If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw the consent, which means that processing then ceases – unless Arthur Hotels is required by law to process your personal information (Consent).
  • You may, in certain cases, have the right to receive your personal information in a structured commonly used and machine-readable format and to transfer your personal data from one data manager to another without any hindrance (Data portability).

If you wish to make use of your rights, please contact us. See the contact details below.


Arthur Hotels use cookies for our digital services. For more information about how Arthur Hotels use cookies and how to refuse the use of cookies, please follow this link.

Other applications / websites

Arthur Hotels’ websites may contain links to other applications and/or websites that are not under the control of Arthur Hotels. This Privacy Policy applies solely to your use of Arthur Hotels’ services. We are not responsible for content on applications and websites to which are linked or for the processing of personal data that may occur by the owner or operator of websites to which are linked.


If you have questions, comments, or complaints about Arthur Hotels’ processing of personal data or compliance with the Terms of Service, please contact Arthur Hotels A/S by email to or send a letter to Arthur Hotels A/S, Att: Head of Finance, Nørre Søgade 11, DK-1370 Copenhagen K, Denmark.


If you wish to complain about Arthur Hotels’ processing of your personal information, you may contact the Data Inspectorate. You can find their contact information at