The hotel

Hotel Kong Arthur Lobby, sofa og pejs

The story of Hotel Kong Arthur

Nestled in a small cobblestone nook, just off the street that runs along Copenhagen’s historical lakes, you will find Hotel Kong Arthur. Once a home for young boys, but now a lovely hotel. Hotel Kong Arthur still has the original outer appearance from 1882 – except for the hotel sign above the front door. Inside, the interior is modern, with classic Danish furniture and art, a fireplace, herringbone parquet floors, and high panels. You will find peace and warmth in the cozy rooms, the spa, and by the fireplace in the lobby. Dive into the story of the hotel and find useful insights into how the hotel is managed.

A hotel with personality

The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the rooms are unique in their layout and décor. We love the differences in our rooms and know that many guests find the variety especially charming. Some guests loves the tree brims on the top floors while others like high ceilings.

The rooms may be very different, but one thing is certain: You’ll find the same kind of peaceful atmosphere and warmth in all the unique rooms, in the spa, and by the fireplace in the lobby. We have made an effort to make Hotel Kong Arthur a place that feels like home – even if you are far from home – so that you can relax and unwind.

Hotel Kong Arthurs facade set fra vejen med cyklist og fodgænger.

A jazz’y kind of feeling

Our collaboration with jazz musicians and enthusiasts began a long time ago. The tradition started when the founders of Hotel Kong Arthur, Hans and Søster Brøchner-Mortensen, helped the well-known jazz house Montmartre who needed accommodation for their touring musicians. They even dedicated a floor of the then quite small hotel to jazz musicians. This made sense because it made it easy for the hotel staff to bring late night snacks and other amenities to all of the musicians who often worked at night at slept during the day.

Arthur Hotels has maintained a working relationship with music venues, and we take pride in supporting musicians and venues when they are in need of hospitality and accommodation.

Many jazz musicians have stayed with us through the years. Noteworthy past guests have included Ray Charles, Joe Zawinuls, Herbie Hancock, and Oscar Peterson. Oscar Peterson frequently stayed at Hotel Kong Arthur and is especially legendary to us. Every year during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, we invite all of the musicians to a courtyard celebration with jam sessions.

Jazzmusikere spiller på instrumenter på Hotel Kong Arthur

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