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Kristina serverer kaffe

Welcome home

We like to think of our hotels as more than just rooms with great beds and blankets. When you stay at Hotel Kong Arthur or Ibsens Hotel, we try our best to be your home away from home. Because of this, you are welcomed by smiling hosts, comfy sitting areas, and a lit fireplace. Just to create some extra coziness.

Arthur Hotels

Arthur Hotels includes Hotel Kong Arthur, Ibsens Hotel, three popular restaurants, a maze of courtyards, a spa, and a conference center in the middle of Copenhagen by Nørreport Station. Both Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel are boutique, sustainable, local-minded hotels with informal atmospheres.

Women in charge

Arthur Hotels has had women executive leaders since being established in 2013. Even though many people of both sexes are involved in the maintenance of the hotels, it is owner and CEO Kirsten Brøchner and CCO Pia Schmølker who is in charge of Arthur Hotels.

Kirsten Brøchner
Pia Schmølker

Care, courage, and decency

With care for our guests as well as colleagues and business partners our hotels are built on family traditions and principles of hospitality, solidarity, and care. At both of the Arthur Hotels, we do our best to make our guests feel welcome and at home. We want to get to know our guests, to be able to recognize them when they return, and to know they are comfortable when they stay with us. In other words: At Arthur Hotels, you come as guest but leave as family.

You can read more about our core values here.

Sustainable responsibility

Arthur Hotels has always been driven in a sustainable manner – even back when not many companies would do the same. We do our best to spread the sustainable attitude to every part of the hotels. In the breakfast buffet we choose local produce, and we strive for organic, fairtrade and a general responsibilty towards our climate in the food and drinks that are being served. This is also why you can always rent a bike or charge your electric vehicle.

You can read more about our sustainable aspirations here.

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