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Price Guarantee

When you book directly on our website, you get the best rates.

If you happen to find a better online rate elsewhere, we will match it and give you an upgrade for a bigger room. Read the instructions for using your price guarantee further down on this page, and remember to contact us before finalizing your booking. Are you looking for more benefits to book directly with us? Then keep reading.

More benefits of direct booking:

Direct contact with the hotel’s own staff

Our booking team is located in the hotel’s administrative department, situated on the ground floor below the hotel rooms. They are ready to assist you with your booking on all weekdays between 8 am – 5 pm.

Access to the last available rooms

During busy periods with fully booked hotels, we often have the opportunity to find a vacant room for you. This is because we have a complete overview of the hotel’s occupancy and can act quickly if there happens to be a cancellation.

A booking without intermediaries and fees

Transparency is important to us, and therefore, we have no hidden fees. With us, the price for a stay is always the one stated when you complete your purchase.

Tax funds for Danish schools and hospitals

We pay taxes in Denmark, and that naturally means that we contribute to maintaining the Danish welfare system. Additionally, we are pleased to support other local businesses, just as we contribute to ensuring jobs for our wonderful colleagues.

Hotel offers you won’t find elsewhere

We offer hotel packages that are only available on our website. This means you get extra value for your money during your stay.

Possibility to meet your special requests

Are you planning to propose to your partner during your stay with us? Or would you like a room with a specific view? We will always do our best to make your wishes come true.

Use your price guarantee – here is how to do it

1.You find a better rate

Your comparison must be of two identical stays, which implies that all services (room type, arrival date, length of stay, number of people, cancelation, and any restrictions) are the same. The price must be the final price, including VAT, taxes, and fees, which are often added immediately before payment. The price comparison must be done simultaneously and at the time of booking.

2. You submit documentation

Send a screen print from our website as well as the external website showing the following information: link to website, name of the website, date of search, what exactly is included, arrival day, departure day, room type, number of people and any restrictions, such as inability to change and / or cancel. The text on the screenshots needs to be in English or Danish. Please send the documentation to

3. We review the comparison

Once we have received your inquiry, we will review the details. You will be informed by us as soon as possible. If you have further questions, our booking team are available Monday – Thursday from 8 am – 6 pm and Friday from 8 am – 4 pm.

4. We match the price

We will make your reservation for the same price and grant you an upgrade to the next room category as a special thank you.

Following conditions must be met:

The following are not limitations that are set out to make it harder for you to get your price match guarantee. It is simply the Danish consumer legislation required for offer price guarantee.

  • The guarantee covers all public available online rates.
  • The rate must be available for booking, i.e., the reservation must be completable.
  • The price comparison must be made in the currency of Danish kroner and at the official exchange rate of the day you contact us.
  • The price guarantee can be claimed against Arthur Hotels at the latest before you have made your booking.
  • The upgrade cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to others.

NB: If you have any doubts about whether your inquiry can meet the conditions above, please feel free to ask us. Send an email to

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If you are looking for a special offer, then take a look at our hotel packages. They are frequently replaced to fit the seasons of the year but they all offer you a good deal on your hotel stay. You can find the selection below, or go to our current offers.

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