The hotel

The neighborhood – A village downtown

Kvarteret omkring Hotel Kong Arthur er altid et besøg værd.

We like to think that Hotel Kong Arthur is in the city’s best neighborhood

This is a trendy area: home of the urban life Copenhagener. This is where you find cozy cafés, the local bakery and unique design shops. On the other side of Queen Louise’s Bridge, you find Nørrebro which is a popular Copenhagen district and often compared to Soho in London. Nørrebro is the center of multicultural Denmark and was recently voted world’s coolest neighborhood by Time Out (2021). Have a drink at Sankt Hans Torv or go shopping in Elmegade. This is what we like to do in our neighborhood.

Dronning Louises Bro (Queen Louise’s Bridge)

When the sun is shining, you can be sure to find the Copenhageners on Dronning Louises Bro. Why not grab a beer or a soda yourself and hang out with the locals on this special bridge located near Hotel Kong Arthur. Especially in the summer, small get-togethers appear along the bridge.

Dronning Louises Bro - billede af WoCo

The Swan Water Bikes

On the other side of Dronning Louise’s Bro by the Pavillon Bar, you can rent one of the white Swan Water Bikes during the summer months. Take the time for a relaxed experience on the lake where you get a great view of the gorgeous Copenhagen buildings.

It’s not possible to reserve a Swan Water Bike in advance, so you will need to ask in the pavillion by the boats, when you feel like taking a boat ride.

Svaneudlejning ved søerne

Kødbyen (the former meat-packing district), Vesterbro

A short trip with the S-Train to Copenhagen Central Station will bring you to the former meat-packing district, famous for its lively night life. Go there by night or visit by day to find restaurants, galleries, theatres, shops, and a few meat markets.

Fun fact: Did you know that “Kødbyen” translate to “meat city”? Previously the district housed slaughterhouses and today the names of the streets are still called things like “stable street”, “pork square” and “the meat stalls”. See if you can find the streets names on your visit.

Kødbyen på Vesterbro. Billede af Woco

The Crown Jewels

A short 10–15-minute walk away, you find Rosenborg Castle. This is where the beautiful crown jewels from former kings and queens are kept. It’s only Denmark’s Queen Margrethe who is allowed to wear the crown jewels which she does on state visits and other special occasions.

On the other side of Rosenborg Castle you will find the King’s Garden. It is the oldest royal garden in Denmark and a preferred place for locals to hang out during the summer.

Rosenborg slot. Billede af WoCo

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