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Pasta på La Rocca

You won’t get any financial surprises when you book a meeting at Hotel Kong Arthur.

The price covers all expenses during your meeting. We call it “everything on one bill”. Contact a conference and sales agent to get a price offer. The price is dependent on the duration of the meeting as well as the number of participants. One of the most important aspects of a meeting is the food. An entire day of meetings requires a lot of energy – even if you’re sitting still. The brain needs food to function, which is why we make sure you never run out of food and snacks during the day. Below, you can read about what is served during the day for breakfast, lunch and in between.

The breakfast

We cooperate with local, organic farmers to provide seasonal greenery and other delicate meals during your meeting. They deliver the cheese, yoghurt, ham, and many other ingredients, that you will find at the breakfast table when you start off the day. Join the guests of the hotel in the breakfast buffet, or get the breakfast served in the meeting room.

The in-betweens

During the day, we serve small, delicious snacks most of which are homemade, like the crispbread, the marmalades, and the smoothies. Our skilled cooks have even made their very own recipe for herbal cream which we often serve in the afternoon with ryebread chips and energy smoothies or – for the sweeter version – small cakes or cream buns from Mark Hermann. Everything is organic of course.

The lunch

Lunch is served at Italian La Rocca, Spanish Pintxis or Japanese Sticks’n’Sushi. All the restaurants are located at the end of the courtyard, and you can freely choose which restaurant you prefer.

La Rocca serve a two-course menu with classic Italian dishes chosen by the chef.

At Pintxos, lunch is lovely Spanish tapas. You can choose between multiple meals on the menu. We recommend Pintxos to larger groups.

Sticks’n’Sushi makes some of the best sushi in Copenhagen, but the Japanese restaurant isn’t just associated with fish dishes. Everybody can find something they like.

If you are busy working, you can choose a working lunch and continue working in the meeting room whilst eating. Sticks’n’Sushi delivers great salads or a bento-boxes directly to your meeting room. We can also arrange to have sandwiches delivered from the kitchen.

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