Half-day meeting

This meeting package includes a meeting room, light breakfast at morning meetings, lunch, and beverages, which means that you pay no more than your agreed price. If none of our meeting packages suits your type of meeting, then please contact us. Most often we are able to find a solution that covers your needs. If you need to spend the night in Copenhagen, we of course can offer stays at the hotel.

No matter the chosen meeting package, we will take good care of you during the day and serve small refreshments made by our kitchen staff to ensure excellent and organic ingredients.

Contact one of our conference and sales agents to schedule the date, time and price. The price is dependent of the amount of participants and the length of the meeting.

  • Meeting room for 5 hours, often from 8 am-1 pm or 12 pm-5 pm.
  • Light breakfast at morning meetings.
  • Lunch at Italian restaurant La Rocca.
  • Afternoon refreshments of nuts, cake, coffee, and tea.
  • Meeting lounge containing ice water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and fruit is available throughout the meeting.
  • Room rental included for meetings with 10 people or more.

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