Spa and fitness

Træningsrum ved ophold på Ibsens Hotel.

Spa, fitness or perhaps a bike ride in the city – get your daily dose of wellness at Ibsens Hotel.

When you stay in Copenhagen, you are probably out exploring the city during the day. If you’re frisky, you’re might even walking or biking around town to be sure to get all the impressions on the way. Then it probably feels lovely to have a small glass of wine at cozy hour in the lobby and getting comfortable in bed when the day ends. But you might also feel like there’s missing something that’s needed to keep up with your mental and physical well-being. At Ibsens Hotel you have easy access to Ni’mat Spa just a little further up the street, and you can buy access to the fitness room at Hotel Kong Arthur. Whether you associate wellness with relaxation, massage, and comfortable bathrobes, or if you would rather challenge yourself on a treadmill or with a pair of weights in your hands, we have something to offer you.

Use the fitness room at Hotel Kong Arthur

As a guest at Ibsens Hotel you can buy access to the gym at Hotel Kong Arthur. It’s located just across the courtyard. Get access for just DKK 50. Ask in reception if you want to use the fitness room.

The fitness room is not the biggest of its kind, but we have still managed to squeeze all of the standard exercise equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, dumbbells and more in there.

Morning person or night owl? You can easily fit your training program into your schedule, since the fitness room is open both night and day.


Be pampered in Ni’mat Spa

Do you enjoy to spa treatments that makes the entire body relax? Then make your way to our neighbor, Ni’mat Spa, that offers world class destressing spa treatments.

The kind staff are specialized in massages, facials and spa treatments but if you would like to find peace in your own company, you can visit the water temple that comes with access to the characteristic jacuzzi, a steam bath, and a sauna.

Sounds like a dream? We think so to. Some treatments are very popular and you will need to make an appointment to massages well in advance. If you would rather try one of the rituals, most often you can make an appointment from day to day.

Read more about the treatments and make an appointment at Ni’mat Spa’s website.

Make the city your exercise playground

Not a fan of indoor exercise and a treadmill that never breaks so you can get a fair chance? Then run outside. The city lakes are just around the corner and is a favorite running spot for the locals. Join the runners and have a well-deserved glass of cold water in the lobby afterwards.

You can also choose to skip out on the metro ticket and transport yourself like a true Copenhagener – on a bike. Ibsens Hotel rent out bikes for DKK 150 per day. You can read more about renting a bike while staying at Ibsens Hotel here.

If you are light on your feet, you can quickly add to your daily step count by picking the stairs instead of the hotel elevator.

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