We see it as our finest job to care for our guests

Caring for our guests has been the key purpose of running the hotels since the married couple Hans and Søster Brøchner-Mortensen founded the hotels in the 1980s. Hans and Søster has since retired, but their daughter Kirsten Brøchner (CEO) is now running the hotels with the help of Pia Schmølker (CCO). The purpose is still to care for guests, but other core values has since made their way to the hotels. We like to call our three core values for OMO. It stands for Omsorg, Mod and Ordentlighed, which is Danish for Caring, Courage and Decency. These three values is the foundation of which we wish to run our business.

En gæst får kaffe af en vært efter at have fået et gavekort til Ibsens Hotel


Our guests need to feel seen and valued, while they stay at Hotel Kong Arthur or Ibsens Hotel. Because of this, our staff are present and dare to show each guest that they’re special. It makes our guests feel welcome and it translate directly to our employees’ joy of their work. But the caring reaches further than the hotels’ outer walls. We take co-responsibility for the society we live in and cooperate with local businesses whenever it’s possible because we’re proud of our neighborhood and like their work. We also want to take good care of the planet. It’s important to us that we pass on a healthy planet to future generations.


We love to run hotels, and fortunately we do it quite well. But we also know when to outsource tasks. This provides us with the resources to focus on improving our hotels. We want to offer our guests two hotels with an edge and this means that we have to stay unique. Sometime that means taking courageous decisions. Like the time when we decided to reject large groups of cruise guests. The risk of empty rooms made the decision tough. Fortunately, the rooms remained full, and the atmosphere at the hotels became calmer and inviting without the large groups.


We want to stay true to our values, which means we treat our guests, our employees, and our planet with integrity. We are honest and accountable to our guests and business partners, and we take our employees seriously and treat them well. We ask questions and wants to get to know our guests, because listening to their needs can make their stay better. On top of that we are big advocates for running a sustainable business that strives to make a visit at Hotel Kong Arthur or Ibsens Hotel to a nice and green experience.

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