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The story of Ibsens Hotel

Ibsens Hotel isn’t just a hotel but an extension of the urban Copenhagen atmosphere that is only found in the Nansensgade neighborhood that we’re part of. It is as if Nansensgade has its own soul. Here, you will not find any chain or brand stores. Instead, small boutiques with new talents characterize the area, where handcrafters both invent, create, and serve. The atmosphere of the street is relaxing, nice and multifarious. And this atmosphere is what Ibsens Hotel is inspired by. Dive into the story of the hotel and our engagement in the local community. You can also find useful insights of how the hotel is managed.

A part of the neighborhood

Seeped in history, this neighborhood is both a metropolis and a small village all at once. You’ll see art in the streets and galleries, crafts in the shops and people enjoying a beer outside on the staircases – especially in the summer.

You will find no big international clothing stores or well-known fashion brands. But you will find plenty of original designs, cozy cafés, and delicious restaurants, and they will be just next door to art galleries and antique shops.

We are so fond of the neighborhood, and we want to bring the atmosphere inside the hotel. When we rebuilt Ibsens Hotel in 2011, we invited the artists from the neighborhood to contribute to our decor. You’ll notice the local art and ceramics in the lobby and the rooms when you pay the hotel a visit.

Not just a hotel

Maybe you’ve heard Ibsens Hotel be called Ibsens. First and foremost, we run a hotel, but we’re also a big component of the neighborhood and we are visited daily by local residents, students or a group of friends. They use the lobby area to do their remote work and hold business meetings, or to relax with a cup of coffee or a beer. We always have room for one extra, and you can always get an inexpensive cup of coffee and some snacks.

We like to host events now and again to invite the locals inside. We do it, because we love our city and want to bring something else to the city than just a regular coffee shop experience. If you have some work to do while staying at Ibsens, we recommend you to sit in the lobby. You get to enjoy the cozy atmosphere, have a chat with one of the hosts in the reception or just focus on your work in front of you.

If you’ve arrived before your room is ready, or if you have a few hours to kill after you’ve checked out, then use the lobby. We can keep your luggage safe, while you read a magazine, play some board games, and read a book from our library.

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