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A stay at Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel is first and foremost a good bed to sleep in and kind and welcoming hosts in the lobby. But it’s also more than that. We want to make the world a little bit better tomorrow than it was yesterday, so we engage in the world around us. We have done so for many years, and we will continue to do so in the years to come.

For many years, CEO Kirsten Brøchner and CCO Pia Schmølker have had the vision to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. As early as 2007 they worked hard to make their business energy neutral. Back then, Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel were recognized as CO2-neutral. In 2009 the then Technology and Environment Mayor in the City of Copenhagen Klaus Bondam came to visit Hotel Kong Arthur. He and CEO Kirsten Brøchner met to discuss sustainable opportunities and challenges and to try out the hotel’s electric vehicles which were rented out to guests for some years.

We still incorporate sustainable effort into as many aspects of the hotels as possible, and many of our ambitious sustainable acts are still relevant today. That is also the reason behind our Green Key certification that we have received since 2009. With two hotels, a breakfast restaurant, a bar, and so on we believe that we can make a noticeable difference.

To keep ensuring a sustainable business we carefully select out distributors and business partners and we evaluate them continuously. We choose the best of the best – of course regarding the product and the taste they deliver, but equally as much to the responsibility they take in the health of our planet.

None of the items you see, taste, or use at the hotels is arbitrary. The soap, the towels, the soda – it is all the best of the best. It’s what our guests deserve and it’s what the planet deserves. Here, you can read further about a couple of our sustainable business partners and why we chose them.


More than just a good cup of coffee

The staff in the breakfast buffet brew 200 kilos of coffee beans every month for the guests at the hotel. Due to this we see it as our obligation to make sure the coffee isn’t just delicious, but also has a positive impact on our planet and the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee. We get our coffee from the Danish coffee roastery called CleverCoffee that has made it their mission to make coffee more sustainable – for the planet and the farmers. If you are tempted to try something new, go for a light roast. Of course, you can always get a dark roast as well.


Gin with a hint of nature

When you are offered a gin and tonic, the gin will most often be made of a blend of juniper, coriander seeds and a few other herbs. The Danish gin distillery called Njord is set out to challenge the original recipe and create interesting variants with the taste of nature at the core. The distillery has a base assortment with the most popular variants of gin as well as more seasonally inspired variants with handpicked berries and plants from the local area. Because the gins are so full of flavor by themselves, they taste amazing with a good tonic. However, we do like to challenge the traditional cocktail recipes, so we are happy to serve the gins with ginger beer or maybe elderflower soda.

Njord gin i baren

Original Beans

Authentic cocoa

Have you heard about the company Original Beans? They produce the best cocoa based on rare cocoa varieties sourced from small plantations. We work closely with Mark Hermann who is a former pastry chef at the Danish Michelin restaurants Geranium and Søllerød Kro. Mark makes the best chocolates and chocolate milk with Original Beans. You can taste it for yourself by ordering a hot chocolate in the lobby bar. If you stay at Hotel Kong Arthur, you will also get to know Original Beans chocolate in your room, where it’s waiting for you on the pillow. If you are at Hotel Kong Arthur in business context, you will also get a taste of the chocolates in the meeting rooms and the meeting lounge.


Quilt of Denmark

Soft duvets and soft values

Is the bed the most important thing for you when staying at a hotel? It is for many people. A good night’s sleep is essential for your functioning during the day, and we want to do as much as we possible can to create the best sleeping conditions for our guests. Our duvets are extra-long (220 cm) and produced in Denmark by Quilt of Denmark. They are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Oeko-tex, Asthma Allergy Nordic, and Downpass. You can then sleep tight knowing that the blankets and pillows are made in accordance with the highest standards of environmental, allergy friendly and animal ethics.

Quilt of denmark

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