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Louise Severin
Deltagere på Urban retreat
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Urban retreat – yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Find your inner strength and achieve clarity and balance in your life on a yoga and mindfulness retreat at Hotel Kong Arthur. This Urban Retreat uses yoga and mindfulness to support you in achieving a better balance in your daily life. The retreat is arranged in collaboration with yoga instructor and mindfulness coach Louise Juel Severin. Over the course of two days, Louise will guide the participants to relaxation and insight through yoga sessions, spa treatments, massages, and mindfulness.

New Years Retreat: January 21-22nd 2024

Yoga practices on the retreat: 
Hatha Yoga encompasses the original, classic yoga postures (asanas), focusing on muscle strength, balance, stretching and breathing. In Hatha Yoga the focus is on creating balance in the body’s energy system to achieve physical and mental health benefits and growth (pranayama).

Yin Yoga seeks to perform the yoga postures at a slow pace. Each posture is held for an extended period of time – typically 3-5 minutes. This allows the necessary time for you to immerse yourself and find your inner quiet. The focus is on breathing as you meditate your way into the various stretch positions. Yin Yoga is designed to boost your body’s flexibility. The meridians (energy pathways) are stimulated, and energy blockages are loosened, causing an increased energy flow in the body – all of which has a healing effect on the body and its organs.

Mindfulness is a way of being in the world. On the retreat you will be introduced to the nine qualities that we cultivate in mindfulness to create conscious awareness of the here and now. We will perform mindful yoga with a focus on your experience of your body, together with meditation on the senses.

Who can participate:
Anyone can join in on the Urban Retreat and previous participants include both men, women, and couples. The retreat is planned to include everyone – whether you are an experienced yogi or if you have never tried yoga before. The yoga postures will be carefully explained, and you will gain an opportunity to teach yourself to breathe properly. We communicate in Danish, English and Swedish. The Urban Retreat is arranged in collaboration with yoga instructor and mindfulness couch Louise Juel Severin. The retreat has room for 12 participants.

The yoga teacher:
The Urban Retreat is led by qualified yoga teacher and a mindfulness coach Louise Juel Severin. Louise works with stress management and trains yoga teachers in yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, relaxation, and chakra. She works holistically, and her practices will bring you on a physical journey, as well as provide you with a spiritual, energetic, mental, and emotional experience.

Hotel Kong Arthur is located in the middle of Copenhagen near Nørreport Station. In addition to having the opportunity of practicing yoga in the hotel’s magical new Shala (yoga room), you will also experience the excellent Ni’mat Spa, which offers both SaunaGus aroma therapy and nourishing treatments. You will experience Hotel King Arthur’s renowned New Nordic breakfast buffet, which is made to stimulate all of your senses. And finally, the Urban Retreat includes lunch and a two-course culinary dining experience at one of the hotel’s restaurants. You will stay in a superior double room, or a spa senses room.

Price for one person in a private room: DKK 4.800 all inclusive.
Price for one person in a shared double room: DKK 4.500 all inclusive.
Accommodation in a spa room.

Urban retreat includes:

  • Four yoga sessions.
  • Admission to the water temple in Ni’mat Spa.
  • Massage (25 min).
  • SaunaGus (45 min).
  • Accommodation in a spa room.
  • New Nordic breakfast buffet.
  • Lunch.
  • A two-course evening meal (beverages are not included in the price).
  • Louise is available for questions and guidance throughout the retreat.

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